Mona Aipperspach  
Project Management

Born 1983 in Ulm, Germany. Started her Literature-, Cultural- and Media Studies with a special interest on languages and intercultural communication in Siegen/Germany. Especially focused on the cultural aspects of communication. Furthermore training at the theatre of Ulm and at the Studiobühne Siegen as well as piano studies. 2005 Mona Aipperspach continued her studies in Theatre-, Film- and Mediastudies in Vienna. Internship at the Sounding Jerusalem Festival. At the moment intensive work on her master thesis with a special focus on the empowerment of the self in crisis regions through educational art projects. Production management for the Odeon Dance Festival, directed by Rose Breuss. Part of the organization-team of the human rights film festival This Human World, directed by Johannes Wegenstein; assistance in the production of various film projects, a. o. for the movie Schottentor – der Film, directed by Caspar Pfaundler. Production of a documentary about the representation of migration in Austrias’ Film industry. She curated the series Sonntagsfilmbrunch at the cinema Topkino in Vienna and worked on the subject Morbid Vienna for the series Nightline in the puppet theatre Lilarum/ Vienna. 

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